Serving 40 districts and 160 schools in Indiana
Wabash Valley Education Center serves 40 districts and 160 schools in North Central Indiana.

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Procurement K-12 Indiana

K12 Indiana / Spendbridge Online Purchasing

The INDIANA DEPARTMENT of ADMINISTRATION & the CIESC bring you K-12Indiana! (Powered by Spendbridge)

What school today isn’t looking for ways to run leaner and more efficiently? K12Indiana is the right tool to help make it happen. K12Indiana is a partnership between the state of Indiana and Educational Service Centers (ESC) that gives every K-12 public school the purchasing advantage of statewide-negotiated contracts, organized into convenient online catalogs, all on one easy-to-use website. Get more contracts to choose from and more savings. It’s easy, efficient and cost effective purchasing at its best.

Some of the current vendor contracts available are:

Office Depot-Office Supplies and More!

Henry Schein-Medical Supplies

School Specialty-Classroom, Athletics, and More!

Acorn-Janitoral Supplies


B & H Photo-Photo-Video-Pro Audio and More!

CDW-G-Technology Hardware

HP-Technology Hardware

Burke-Playground Equipment

Demco-Library Supplies

Lowe’s Pro-Over 40K products available in-store and millions online

Central Michigan Paper (CMP)-Copy Paper

If you already have an account to K12 Indiana click this link to login: K12 Indiana.

To receive more information on this service or to see how to enroll your corporation, contact Sydney Peterson.

Food Service

Wabash Valley Education Center has joined other ESCs in Indiana to provide our members food service contracts (which meet all USDA/IDOE guidelines) in the following areas:

  • Bakery
  • Dairy
  • Produce
  • USDA Commodity Food

If you would like further information on these programs, please visit the link below and if you have questions you may contact Lisa Abell.

Current members participating in the Food Service programs may login to the main site here.

School Food Service Support


The Educational Service Centers Risk Funding Trust (ESCRFT) is to reduce and stabilize long-term costs of property, liability and workers' compensation insurance for Indiana schools. Please visit their website to learn more:

Statewide Bus Bid

Members of the Wabash Valley Education Center are eligible to purchase school buses through a statewide bus bid organized and completed at Central Indiana ESC for all Indiana service center members.

The bus bid program is web-based. To register for and learn more about this new and innovative way to place a bus order register at

Members can access an online program containing all the bus specifications, options and pricing from all the bus companies who bid during the current bid period. Members can customize each unit by clicking on the options they desire or unclick those they do not wish to have included. After all options are completed, the program will produce side-by-side comparison pricing showing how much the bus will cost from each individual bus company. You can then chose to print off a hard copy of all paperwork to present to your school board for approval. Once approved you can submit your order online to the company awarded the bid. The current bid program also allows schools to include their trade-ins in the bid process or if they prefer they can handle their trade-ins outside the bid.

Currently there are two bus bid periods, Spring and Fall. To learn more about the bus bid available to Wabash Valley members, please email
Sydney Peterson or phone 765-588-1535.

ESC of I Partnerships

ESC of Indiana has worked diligently to develop partnerships with a wide variety of organizations to support the needs of education service centers across the state.

ESC of I Partnerships

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