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Wabash Valley Education Center serves 40 districts and 160 schools in North Central Indiana.

~The New ILEARN Assessment and Planning for the 24-25 School Year (3-8) - Presented by Bill Reed


Do you struggle to find all the resources required to understand the new 2023 IAS for Math and how they will be assessed on the new ILEARN? Do you work hard with your students on math skills only to have them struggle to show progress on assessments? Join Bill Reed to learn when to teach each standard to maximize student achievement on the new ILEARN CheckPoint and Summative Assessment. Participants will get a simple, easy to use spreadsheet that will include all of the resources you need to connect the 2023 IAS for Math and how they will be assessed on the ILEARN CheckPoint Assessment. Learn exactly when each math standard will be assessed on the CheckPoint Assessments and which standards will be on the summative ILEARN Assessment at the end of the year and explore the types of questions used on ILEARN as well as the best mathematical practices you can use to increase student performance on those types of questions. Leave with many valuable resources, activities and ideas that you can immediately implement in your classroom.


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