Serving 40 districts and 160 schools in Indiana
Wabash Valley Education Center serves 40 districts and 160 schools in North Central Indiana.

PD Pop: ~Using A.I. in the ELA Classroom (6-12) - Presented by Kyle Kline


In this session, English language teachers will explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in enhancing students' language skills and engagement. Participants will learn about the different types of AI technologies and their applications in education, as well as the benefits and challenges of using AI in the classroom. Examples of AI-powered tools and platforms will be discussed, and participants will have the opportunity to try them out and discuss their potential use in their own teaching contexts. Strategies for integrating AI into English language teaching will also be explored, including how to design lesson plans that incorporate AI technologies and how to evaluate their effectiveness in enhancing student learning outcomes. (ChatGPT came up with my session description- come see what else it can do!)


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