RTI is a Key Ingredient in Your PLC Recipe (9-12)


There are so many things we are being asked to do in classrooms today that don't have anything to do with our expertise, which is providing high levels of learning to all students.  With so many side dishes, as important as they may or may not be, it's easy for teachers to dismiss things as extra, when they are actually the main course (PLC and RTI).The reality is clear that a timely, directive and systemic RTI plan is an essential part of making sure all students maximize their learning potential.

Failure to provide these supports, in a soup d 'jour environment, all but guarantees a lack of teacher buy-in and student failure. Without RTI, students might actually leave your schools further behind than when they started. During the pandemic, it has become more clear that even our highest performers benefit when there are processes in place to support them when they struggle with new content.

During our one-day workshop, teachers will get an overview of the foundational practices of a PLC as we make the case that RTI is the key ingredient of a highly effective PLC process.