Grant Support

WVEC offers professional development to support grant activities.  Technical assistance may also be provided for grant writing.

Title III

WVEC facilitates a large Title III Consortium for all schools whose designated Title III federal funding is less than $10,000. These funds are generated by the number of English Learners in your district. Title III funds are supplemental and are used above and beyond an LEA’s English language development services that are offered to English learners, levels 1-4, in order to meet the federal requirements for serving EL students (also known as “Lau Requirements”).

The primary objective of Title III is to increase English language proficiency and academic achievement in the core academic subjects and to provide high-quality professional development. All of the funds generated by the WVEC Title III Consortium Schools are pooled together to provide high quality professional development, instructional materials, family engagement materials and software.

For more information on joining the WVEC TITLE III Consortium, contact Tami Hicks at

TIP for searching for Title III Workshops - when searching for Title III workshops on our website, type an asterisk (*) in the search bar and it will pull up all workshops that are Title III eligible!

Title III Workshop Listings
Title III Winter PD
Title III School Listing with Attends
Title III Purchase Request Order Form

Title IV

WVEC offers a consortium model to school districts for professional development.  Being in a consortium allows WVEC to offer relevant learning to educators at a fraction of the cost because of shared expenses.  Each Member District is able to send up to two people to each Title IV eligible workshop for free! 

WVEC prides itself on bringing in local, state and national presenters.  The WVEC Title IV Consortium has also provided districts Technology Audits, Technology cohort groups, Technology embedded 5th grade field trips, and Summer Institutes.


 Title IV Workshop Schedule

2021-2022 Title IV Member Districts

  • Benton School Corporation
  • Clinton Central
  • Clinton Prarie
  • Covington
  • Delphi
  • Eastern Howard
  • Frontier
  • Hammon Academy of Science and Technology
  • MSD Warren
  • Peru
  • Pioneer
  • Rensselaer
  • Rossville
  • Taylor School Corporation
  • Tipton School Corporation
  • Twin Lakes
  • Union School Corporation
  • West Lafayette School Corporation