Statewide Bus Bid

Members of the Wabash Valley Education Center are eligible to purchase school buses through a statewide bus bid organized and completed at Central Indiana ESC for all Indiana service center members.

The bus bid program is web-based.  To register for and learn more about this new and innovative way to place a bus order register at

Members can access an online program containing all the bus specifications, options and pricing from all the bus companies who bid during the current bid period. Members can customize each unit by clicking on the options they desire or unclick those they do not wish to have included. After all options are completed, the program will produce side-by-side comparison pricing showing how much the bus will cost from each individual bus company.   You can then chose to print off a hard copy of all paperwork to present to your school board for approval.  Once approved you can submit your order online to the company awarded the bid.   The current bid program also allows schools to include their trade-ins in the bid process or if they prefer they can handle their trade-ins outside the bid.

Currently there are two bus bid periods, Spring and Fall. To learn more about the bus bid available to Wabash Valley members, please email
Jeanie Prien or phone 765-588-1535.