WVEC Services

WVEC provides many services to our member districts and schools.  Please click on a title below to learn about each service.  For information about Member Discounts and Professional Development click the menu links.

High Ability

High Ability Micro-credentials will soon be developed allowing teachers to attend professional development, coaching and complete a classroom project.

On-Site Consulting

  • Curriculum Planning
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Mentoring Administrators
  • Strategic Planning
  • Evaluator Training

Technology Audits

WVEC offers an objective and insightful technology audit performed by a trained staff member. The audit will assess all of a school’s current technology usage using detailed surveys and an on-site observation. The end result is a post-evaluation that helps guide schools and drive improvement with their current technology usage.

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Technology Leadership Certification

Looking for technology leaders to lead your schools in edtech learning? Looking to train them? Look no further! Through this 3 day certification process, technology leaders master skills and knowledge to empower others to use technology to transform student learning. Participants will end the program with a digital badge in technology leadership.

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