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WVEC provides many services to our member districts and schools.  Please click on a title below to learn about each service.  For information about Member Discounts and Professional Development click the menu links.

Day of STEM Field Trips

Bring your 5th graders to a Day of STEM at Wabash Valley Education Center. Students will experience numerous activities

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Grant Support

WVEC offers support through the State High Ability Grant to provide professional development to member districts.  A coaching model will be developed with Purdue University for districts using curriculum compacting.

High Ability

High Ability Micro-credentials will soon be developed allowing teachers to attend professional development, coaching and complete a classroom project.

On-Site Consulting

  • Curriculum Planning
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Mentoring Administrators
  • Strategic Planning
  • Evaluator Training

Technology Audits

WVEC offers an objective and insightful technology audit performed by a trained staff member. The audit will assess all of a school’s current technology usage using detailed surveys and an on-site observation. The end result is a post-evaluation that helps guide schools and drive improvement with their current technology usage.

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Technology Leadership Certification

Looking for technology leaders to lead your schools in edtech learning? Looking to train them? Look no further! Through this 3 day certification process, technology leaders master skills and knowledge to empower others to use technology to transform student learning. Participants will end the program with a digital badge in technology leadership.

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Title III Consortium Information

WVEC facilitates a large Title III Consortium for all schools whose designated Title III federal funding is less than $10,000. These funds are generated by the number of English Learners in your district. Title III funds are supplemental and are used above and beyond an LEA’s English language development services that are offered to English learners, levels 1-4, in order to meet the federal requirements for serving EL students (also known as “Lau Requirements”). The primary objective of Title III is to increase English language proficiency and academic achievement in the core academic subjects and to provide high-quality professional development. All of the funds generated by the WVEC Title III Consortium Schools are pooled together to provide high quality professional development, instructional materials, family engagement materials and software.

For more information on joining the WVEC TITLE III Consortium, contact Tami Hicks at thicks@esc5.k12.in.us


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Title IV Consortium Information

WVEC offers a consortium model to school districts for professional development.  Being in a consortium allows WVEC to offer relevant learning to educators at a fraction of the cost because of shared expenses.  WVEC prides itself on bringing in local, state and national presenters.  The WVEC Title IV Consortium has also provided districts Technology Audits, Technology cohort groups, Technology embedded 5th grade field trips, and Summer Institutes.


  Title IV Workshop Schedule

2019-2020 Title IV Member Districts
  • Benton
  • Clinton Central
  • Clinton Prairie
  • Covington
  • Delphi
  • Frontier
  • Logansport
  • MSD Warren

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