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  • *Most Powerful Solutions for Eliminating Chronic Disruptive Behavior in K-12 Classrooms
12.13.2018 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Kim McCutchan


Want to know the most effective strategies that will stop chronic behavior immediately in its tracks…the tricks that master level teachers use to prevent and eliminate chronic disruptive behavior? This training takes a deeper look at the most effective strategies and interventions for eliminating chronic disruptive behavior within a multi-tiered system of support. You’ll learn and leave with ready to use techniques for Angry, Obnoxious, Defiant, Explosive, Aggressive, Controlling, Arrogant, Noisy, and Maladaptive students. See these techniques in action as presenter Kevin Dill simulates implementation through live role playing.

Here's just a small sample of the many things you'll take away from the training:

  • The mistakes that almost every teacher makes with disruptive students.
  • The Most Powerful Words that instantly defuse confrontation with any student.
  • How to win over the most disruptive student for the entire school year.
  • What to say to obnoxious students who ask you embarrassing personal questions in front of the class.
  • How to get an unresponsive, stubborn student working on their assignment, even if their head is down...pretending not to listen.
  • How to handle an angry student without losing your cool or raising your voice.
  • How to enlist the help of your entire class in dealing with a disruptive student -without them even knowing it.
  • The most effective strategy that will get a disruptive student to comply, and make them think it was their idea.
  • How to control any situation without looking like you're trying to control anything.
  • The single biggest mistake all teachers make when giving directions and the strategy that will have your students following any direction you give.
  • What to tell a student who insists, “You can't tell me what to do!”
  • The best technique ever seen for students who are giving you problems.
  • How to recognize tactics and avoid behavior management traps.
  • The most powerful strategies for stopping chronic disruptive behavior such as rude/filthy language and serious aggressive/destructive behavior.